Children's Menu from Hell

I write about food, and children, and food for children all the time. Whenever I have a slack moment, perhaps questioning what more there might be to say on the topic, some horrible gem usually announces itself to remind me why there is still more to do.

My friend Jackie received this children's menu when she stopped mid car trip with her young toddler at a roadside Perkins Restaurant. This image has the same effect on me as one of those Highlights Magazine puzzles has on my children. Can you spot at least ten things wrong with this picture?

When Jackie posted it on her facebook page, someone immediately picked up on the menu's tagline: Breakfast is Just the Beginning... "of a lifetime fighting obesity & diabetes," a friend quipped. They're not even pretending (a la McDonalds oatmeal) to address the health needs of their most vulnerable guests.

File this under: laugh and cry.