Food Styling Gone Wrong

One of the fun things about watching The Ski House Cookbook transform from a document on my computer to a book was the food styling. I really enjoyed watching the fabulous Margarette Adams at work. But good food styling is incredibly time consuming, and not every photo shoot has the same ideals. During the pre-holiday run-up, when my newspaper is full of retailers' flyers, there are many rushed style jobs to be spotted. 

Am I the only one who notices these things? There's some really good humor here. For example: raw peaches on a skillet at Kohl's! How practical.

And Walmart's intended puree of raw yellow squash, escarole, tomatoes and herbs, yum!:

This one may be my favorite--a juicer so marvelous that you can put an apple in it, and get orange juice out of the bottom:

I always cook artichokes whole, in a skillet, like they do at Macy's:

And sometimes the problem is just over-reaching. When you cook a whole chicken in a slow cooker (and you really shouldn't) it has no shot of ever looking like a store-bought rotisserie chicken surrounded by raw vegetables:

Well, that was fun. I'm off to style a more realistic lunch for myself. Bon apetit!