Staples Recycled a Plastic Wrapper

I take the trouble to buy 100% recycled paper. (Printing is an occupational hazard. Typos which are invisible on the screen seem to leap off the printed page. Weird but true.) 

But I'd like to know why Staples, which claims to make things "eco easy" cannot simply wrap their 100% recycled paper in a paper sleeve? They even have the nerve to print: "every package for Staples brand paper is recyclable." And that's technically true... for those of us who have easy access to #5 plastics recycling. Which I do not.

But recycling paper and recycling plastic aren't the same process, with paper recycling the much more efficient and cost effective of the two. 

Oh my goodness, but this post sounds so grouchy and negative! Wait... let me change that. Reader, you're looking rather nice today. Did you change your hair? 

Truly, I'd rather applaud steps taken than disparage failures. But when a product brags about its eco sensitivity, it would be nice if it were actually true. Not long ago, all paper reams came in paper wrappers. Was that really so prohibitive? Really?